The Best Personalized Camera Straps on Etsy

Custom Gift Ideas for the Creatives in your life!

List of personalized custom camera straps on etsy

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking for a custom gift for a camera-lover in your life, this list of personalized camera straps has tons of unique options for carrying gear around with a personal flare.

Not all content creators shoot on traditional cameras these days, but those who do often really love their gear… and because cameras themselves aren’t particularly customizable, getting custom straps is the best way to show off your unique style, or maybe nod to your brand colours.

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Personalized Camera Straps on Etsy

Etsy is easily the go-to when looking for custom gift ideas, so this list is a result of me scouring the platform for options to attach to my mirrorless camera.

Hope you enjoy! I’ve broken it into a few different categories for easy browsing!

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Custom Macrame Camera Straps

As I browsed Etsy for camera straps, macrame kept coming up so often that it needed its own category. My favourite thing about these is the variety of designs available and the way you can use unique colour combos to represent your unique personality and branding.


This Etsy shop has a number of different patterns, the colours can be fully customized, and little name tags can be added for personalization.

Laha Corner

Another great Etsy shop with tons of unique macrame options. These styles seem to be a bit more intricate with leader name tags to personalize your camera strap!

Leather Personalized Name Tags + Engravings

Next we have a selection of camera straps that have a set design or leather strap, but can be personalized with the addition of a name tag. Some also allow for customizable lengths and hardware options.

Reina Leather

This shop offers a selection of leather camera straps with unique embroidered patterns.

Initials can be engraved on leather tags that are affixed to the strap with metal hardware.

House Leather Craft

Gorgeous leather straps that seem to be deeply saturated with unique colour options. These can be personalized with your name in the leather itself or on a tag.

Sycamotre Custom

These leather camera straps are also gorgeous, they can be customized on either end or the middle of the strap, and are padded for extra comfort.

NL Leathers

These gorgeous leather camera straps have a vintage western feel, and come in a variety of colours!

MegaGear Custom

MegaGear is a pretty established brand in the camera community, and I’ve mentioned in my post on Camera Bag purses. But on Etsy they offer tons of different gear personalization options, including these leather camera straps.

Jungle Gifts

For those looking for unique colour options to match their brand or vibe, these leather streaps are for you.

Camera straps in other materials

Leather (and macrame) isn’t the only material you can use to make camera straps. Check out these other personalized camera straps.

Leather Forest

Has a selection of personalized straps made out of faux leather that you can get customized with one of 12 different designs.

The Gift Engraver

Another popular way of personalizing camera straps is to choose from a nylon patterns and add the leather engraved name tag on it. These options from the Gift Engraver are colourful and fun with all their plant and flower-inspired patterns.


More gorgeous nylon camera straps ranging from floral patterns to geometric designs. The leather name tag is stitched on beautifully.

MAGMA Camera Straps

Some fo the coolest and unique DSLR and mirrorless traps I’ve seen on Etsy. With a mix of velour and fabric options in different colours and designs, you can not only add the personalization of a name tag, but can customize the camera strap’s length and hardware options.

Other Unique Custom Straps

And finally, some super unique camera strap options that make the best custom gift, and that didn’t quite fit into the existing categories!


This Etsy shop takes the CAKE. How absolutely stunning are these camera straps? These handmade goods are accurately described as wearable leather art. You can customize the names, and colour stains in a variety of patterns, and some can even customize the length and hardware. I think these are especially perfect for a film camera or anyone going for more of a vintage look.

Cut and Sew

Want to show off your work as you shoot? These Photo Collage camera straps are such a fun and unique idea from the Cut and Sew Store.

Choose from two different thicknesses and add up to 6 photos–creating a truly custom piece of wearable and functional gear.

Honourable Mention

And finally, these straps from Click Support are SO GORGEOUS I could not count it out, and I’m a MASSIVE fan of peak design anchors so win win.

Though you can’t personalize these straps with names or engravings… you CAN customize it by choosing your thread and leather.

They are literally all calling my name.

Final Thoughts on Custom Camera Straps

If you’re anything like me, you left this list with your Etsy account full of new favourites both for yourself and the other creatives in your life.

These personalized camera straps really do make the perfect custom gift for photographers, both professional and hobbiests!

Which ones stood out to you?

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