About Creating With Kaya

This is a corner of the internet dedicated to sharing all the behind-the-scenes of content creating as a business.

Whether that’s blogging how-tos, tips to grow and monetize popular platforms, brand negotiation advice, or insight into the overall highlights and challenges of the job.

There is no one true secret to being a successful blogger or influencer, but the consistent truth is that hard work and strategy is needed.

And Creating With Kaya aims to save you some of the time spent trial and erroring to figure it out.

About the Creator

“What I’ve always loved most about blogging, is the ability to be helpful”.

Kaya Marriott is a Canadian content creator, who got her start as a Natural Hair Blogger back in 2016 when she launched comfygirlwithcurls.com.

As time went on, her brand has expanded into beauty and lifestyle content which she shares across multiple platforms, and as her community turned to her for content creation advice, she began sharing tips and resources on the process as well.

All while being what is considered a ”nanoinfluencer”, her journey has seen her partner with global brands, speak with Google at Vidcon Abu Dhabi, become a founding member of Pinterest Canada’s 2021 Creator Class, and more! 

And she hopes to show others that you don’t need a massive following to make a career out of content creating.