Camera Backpacks for Women || The Ultimate List

Collage of different stylish camera backpacks for women. Leather, Canvas, vegan leather and other materials

While bags don’t have a gender, I’ve been desperately searching online for women’s camera backpacks, in order to find something stylish to lug my gear around town.

When you just search “Camera Backpack” online, the ‘best of’ results feel very geared towards travel, and they feel very rugged, sharp, and masculine designs.

But I want a camera backpack that feels a bit more feminine, and to the unknowing eye, doesn’t look like a camera bag at all.

Speaking of which, I already put together a list of cute camera purses for women if that’s more your lane, but stick around here for something that goes over both your shoulders.

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List of Women’s Camera Backpacks

So I’ve searched high and low around the internet looking for the BEST Camera Backpack. And as the photography creator space can often feel really dominated by men, as a woman, I’ve been left very unsatisfied with the recommendations out there.

Therefore it was time to take matters into my own hands.

This list is a labour of love, and it will be a continually updated resource for women searching for their perfect camera backpack (or for anyone wanting something a little bit more feminine or even gender-neutral).

Whether you are a Travel Blogger, a Wedding Photographer, or a content creator looking to take your DSLR or Mirrorless camera with you, whatever your adventures entail. I’m sure you’ll find your dream bag here.

I’ve broken the list down into a number of categories (see Table of Contents above).

But, of course many of these it into MULTIPLE categories, so I recommend checking them all out so you don’t miss what you’re looking for.

Browsing Tip: Click the images below to be directed to their unique product pages.

Camera Backpacks For the Traveller

First up, camera backpacks give off “wanderlust” woman. The would fit right in on an adventure through a rainforest, or wandering along a remote beach coast.

They are the perfect travel bag for photographers who want it to seem like they picked up a bag that could have been hand-crafted by the local artisans of their destination.


When it comes to variety in bags, Epiphanie is a CLOSE second to House of Flynn. So many options past what I’m sharing here.

I’m absolutely in love with the feel of the Amsterdam (below left), and it comes in a number of different colours. The vintage leather of the Savannah (below right) makes the backpack incredibly versatile-making it a gorgeous option around the city that will still fit in anywhere in the world.

House of Flynn

House of Flynn has one of the BIGGEST camera bag collections I’ve ever seen. The below are just a tiny sliver of what they offer. This brand in particular is the best fit for the female digital nomad–the wanderer who can’t sit still and wants to bring her camera gear along her travels.

The Roam Backpack is something I’ve been eyeing for a while, and it comes in SO many different colours and patterns, but there are many other styles depending on how many camera bodies and lenses you want to take about.

Minimalist Camera Backpacks for Women

Next let’s dive into some of the super cute and stylish minimalist options. There are a mix of leather and vegan leather options, depending on your wants and price points.

Gatta Bag

These makers of leather camera bags are a fan-favourite amongst women everywhere. I myself own the Rae Hazel, and am excited to one day add the Christie (on the right) or the Audrey (the carry-all which can be worn 4 different ways) to my collection.

These bags have clean designs while still maintaining an elegant feel, which make them feel so timeless.


I absolutely love how modern, sleek, and minimal TOG bags are. They are the perfect Camera backapck that doesn’t look like a Camera bag. They are a company based out of London, and their backpacks are made of Vegan Leather.

The Big Tog Bag has a discreet laptop pouch and a strap for your tripod for those big shooting days. The Mini Tog Bag isa more compact choice that still fits a DSLR and another lens–perfect for those days running around the city


Kamrette camera bags are absolutely gorgeous–and they make for the perfect photographer bag. These vegan leather options have been on my to-buy list forever, the design of them feels a bit industrial while still being incredibly minimal and sleek.

The Lyra Backpack feels like the ultimate choice for weddings, or anywhere where you need to bring a lot of gear, and it fits a 16-inch laptop, and a built-in luggage sleeve. While the Mina Camera Daypack is perfect for something more compact. My favourite feature is the little pocket that fits an iPad for work on the go.

Camera BackPacks for the Commuter / City Life

Next up we have some of the best camera backpacks that feel more accessible for an Every Day Carry for women. Perfect for a commute around the city


I absolutely love the look of Brevite bags. The design is clean, the colours are fun, and with a laptop sleeve, luggage passthrough, and passport pocket, they are the perfect carry on bag to take on the go with you.. wherever you go.

They have two style options, The Jumper (with the zip top) and The Runner (with the foldover top).

Peak Design

Next, you can’t have a camera backpack list without adding Peak Design to the mix. But while I do love the brand (and own a number of their products), I don’t find the design of their bags to be particularly feminine.

That being said, the clean lines of their Everyday Backpack Zip feel especially Unisex, and make for a great stylish bag that doesn’t necessarily look like a camera bag.

The side unzips for easy access to your camera, and it comes in both a 15L and 20L option.


While the PRVKE Lite is a perfect bag for running around the city with your gear–an Everyday Carry bag, you might say– it also does well as a more rugged travel bag. It has weather-resistant materials and a luggage pass through.

I’m also a HUGE fan of some of their special edition colours as shown below.


Next up, Langly is a newer company on my radar. They have all sorts of bags designed for the modern freelancer. Notably their Sierra Backpack and Alpha are gorgeous options as an Every Day Carry, and their removable camera inserts allow for modular customization to fit your needs.

There are some really fun colours in here, and the build materials of them make it perfect for running around the city.

Fun and Unique Camera Backpacks

If you’re looking for colours that stray away from the typical neutrals, or something with bright or unique patterns or textures, this category is for you.

Violet Mae Camera Bags

This Australian Etsy shop has backpacks with so much personality. There’s also some neutrals in there, so definitely take a look. Complete the look with one of their camera harnesses, and you have the perfect photographer backpack for weddings or other event shoots.

Their specialty definitely seems to be animal print bags with the white and black leopard print and the embossed crocodile print showing up in a number of different styles. The large styles have room for a 15 inch Macbook, while the smaller fit an iPad or Kindle.


Next, Johansen totes has a lot of camera bags, but only one backpack–but it’s a very unique and stylish one at that.

Made of water-resistant waxed canvas, with large pockets and space for a laptop, it’s a beautiful bag that still shows some personality.


Then we have another Epiphanie appearance here because I couldn’t miss highlighting their uniquely embroidered pieces. Again, these are perfect travel camera backpacks for women.

And fun fact about the Valencia bag shown on the right, it is convertible with the shoulder straps being able to change into a crossbody or over the shoulder bag.

House of Flynn

Then we have another familiar face–House of Flynn shows up yet again because as I said, they have a huge variety of camera bags for women.

Highlighting some of the range below, but I definitely encourage you to such through their catalogue to find something that perfectly fits your needs. You can filter your searches by the style, pattern, colour, and how many camera lenses you want to fit.

Premium Quality BackPacks

Of course, tons of backpacks on this list are of high quality builds and materials, but the bags in this section go above and beyond and are especially recognized in the industry. These might be a ‘treat yo self’ option that you save up for.


First we have ONA Bags, and they are absolutely quality items. And the price does reflect that.

The Clifton is a premium leather camera backpack, and also their flagship back. Handcrafted from fullgrain leather, it has a dedicated 13 inch laptop compartment, and can fit a DSLR or Mirrorless camera body and up to 6 lenses.

The compact Monteray is honestly the bag of my dreams, a blend of canvas and leather, it can still fit a 14 inch laptop and 4-6 lenses.


Then we have Oberwerth bags, which are made of premium leather, and do not come cheap. But due to their build they should last a lifetime.

Pictured below, they have a bit of a retro yet timeless feel to their design.


Now I will admit, a lot of the bags on this list are on the pricier side. And I think that reflects the build and quality, but also the fact that often prices seem to quadruple the moment it says “camera” in front of it.

But I still managed to find some smoking deals on Amazon, so here is a list of more affordable camera backpacks.

GoGroove Camera Bags

Next, I was torn between putting this bag in the ‘fun/cute’ category, and here in the Amazon section. But due its price tag, this category won out.

The GoGroove bag comes in a variety of colors, and has a lot of features for the cost. At the top there is a camera accessories storage, a laptop compartment, a tripod holder, and has side camera access.


Next, Bagsmart has quite the variety of camera bags, but admittedly it’s a bit tough to find them all in one spot.

Whether you’re looking for a water bottle/tripod holder, an easy access compartment, or room to carry tons of gear. One of these affordable yet still stylish camera bags will work for you.

This one also has a special spot for memory cards so you aren’t loosing them!


I’m sorry, but how cute is the pink retro camera bag? I think it’s arguably one of the most fun yet still stylish camera bags on the list. Cwatchun is another one that wasn’t on my radar prior to going down this research spiral, but the reviews are looking solid!


And finally, we haven’t had many (any) hardshell camera backpacks on this list, as it’s quite tricky to make these feel feminine. But Mosiso does a great job with a unique variety of colours and patterns.

Final Thoughts on Women’s Camera Backpacks

So will you be making any of these stylish camera backpacks yours? I know I want all of them, but my one-bedroom apartment (and my bank account) tells me I have to be selective.

I hope you found something to carry your DSLR camera and other gear out and about with.

xUntil Next Time.

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