How to Get PR Packages (Regardless of Follower Count)


So, you want to know the secret to getting on PR lists and receiving those coveted gifted products and PR packages from brands?

Well, you’re in the right place. Regardless of your niche, platform, or follower count this guide will help make brands notice you and want to send you their latest and greatest launches.

In this blog post, we’ll break down the process of getting on PR lists into five actionable steps, and by the end of it, you’ll be well on your way to filming a product haul unboxing.

How to Get on PR Lists (Even as a Small Influencer)

It’s a common misconception that only influencers with big followings get put on PR lists.

While in truth, brands across all niches are on the lookout for passionate creators of all sizes to share their products with.

Over my seven years of content creation, I’ve been fortunate to receive beauty products, tech products, lifestyle items and more. And I started getting product as early as my first year, proving that with the right strategy, truly anyone can enjoy the benefits of PR packages.

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Understanding PR Packages

First we need to establish why Brands Send PR:

The essence of PR packages is to stir excitement and conversation around new products or seasonal offerings. Though these packages are gifts without explicit obligations, brands hope they’ll spark content that highlights their products in a genuine light.

Your Path to getting on PR Lists

Step 1: Make Yourself Attractive to Brands

Getting on a PR list starts with making yourself irresistible to brands.

And a lot of this comes down to how you present yourself online. Your social media is not just a profile but a portfolio showcasing your style, passion, and value. Here’s how you can begin to attract a brand’s attention to make them want to use you in their marketing strategy:

Post Content Regularly:

Every single time you post content online, you’re giving yourself a chance to surface in front of a brand.

This also shows that you are active, which makes brands more likely to want to send you something. They aren’t going to want to invest in shipping a package to a creator who posts once a month, because they won’t know if or when you’ll get around to sharing it with your audience.

Regular posting keeps your audience engaged and shows brands that you’re an active participant in your niche. Whether it’s daily stories, weekly posts, or regular YouTube uploads, find a rhythm that works for you.

Define Your Niche:

Look at more clearly defining your niche, your interests, your focus. Figure out what you want to be known for.

This makes it a no-brainer for brands that align with your niche to send you products.

When I first started creating content, I was hyper-focused on Natural Hair. So even though I was small (only a thousand followers), brands wanted to send me products early on because they knew that all my followers were there for natural hair content and my recommendations would resonate well.

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Organically Review Products:

Next, start reviewing products you genuinely love. Tag brands and express your opinions.

This not only showcases your authenticity but also catches the attention of brands looking for people who are already fans of their products.

As a small creator, it’s much easier to get on the PR list of a brand you are a super-fan of and have purchased from before, than one you have never tried or talked about.

Step 2: Show You Are In Business

Make it clear that you’re open for business. This step is all about communicating your availability and readiness to collaborate, positioning yourself as a professional creator.

Optimize Your Bio:

Your bio is the first thing people see when they come to your page, an it is also search engine optimized, so it needs to be set up for your success.

Craft a clear bio that highlights:

  • The type of creator you are
  • The products and services you talk about
  • Your location

And above all, PLEASE make sure your email is in your bio. Yes Instagram has the clickable button for email contact… but that is only on mobile.

Most brand and PR contacts are using desktop or third party apps to find and engage with you, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.

Using Hashtags:

Bringing it back to organically reviewing products, make sure as you do so you are not just tagging the brands, but using relevant hashtags too.

Brands actively monitor their branded hashtags as well as hashtags that describe the types of creators they want to work with (even using third-party software to do so), so it’s a direct way to get noticed.

Here’s a mix and match guide to help you come up with hashtags brands might be searching through:

Use unique hashtags that describe you and your content to start getting PR packages or invited to PR lists.

Step 3: Explore Influencer Platforms

This next step takes a bit more initiative. If you’re sitting there wondering how to get on PR lists or get PR packages, it’s time to take the step to join influencer platforms that facilitate collaborations with brands.

These are often either invites to get on mailer lists, or opportunities to engage in low-effort gifted collaborations–which can be perfect for beginner creators and influencers.

Influencer Platforms to Consider:

Step 4: Finding PR Forms

Next step is to start proactively seeking out opportunities.

Turn to Google to research and discover PR lists forms that you can apply to. Many brands and agencies openly share sign-up forms for their PR lists, but they tend to be buried on their sites so you need to dig.

And remember that PR Agencies often hold the key to PR lists–they usually represent multiple brands and have a centralized database or roster of creators that they ship mailers too, so find seek out and find application forms to their lists

Step 5: Pitch Brands Directly

And finally, wanting to land on PR lists? Take matters into your own hands and craft a pitch to brands or PR agencies directly. Personalized emails, LinkedIn messages, or even Instagram DMs can be effective if done respectfully and professionally.

You can use and Clearbit to help you find the right contact information.

Final Thoughts on How to Get PR Packages

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge of getting on PR lists, remember that receiving free products is just the first part of the content creator journey.

The next step is turning those gifts into paid partnerships. There are tons of resources on this blog on the topic, so read away!

And finally, keep in mind that these strategies might take time to yield results. Stay persistent, keep creating quality content, and watch as brands start knocking on your door. Good luck!

xUntil Next Time.

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