Gling AI: The Video Editing Software for Talking-Head YouTubers {Review}

Remove Dead Space, Umms, and Bad Takes


I have been using Gling AI for months now to rough edit my YouTube videos, and now it’s time to put you on to it.

Check out the video below for my full thoughts and a demonstration of how the software edits my videos. Key points are summarized beneath it!

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What is Gling.AI

Gling AI is a video editing software this is ideal for “talking head”-style videos, like the ones I do on my channel.

The artificial intelligence tools scans footage to eliminate unnecessary pauses and “bad takes“, which means that if you repeat the same phrase multiple times, it will assess them all and keep the one that it perceives to be the best.

Absolutely game changer–it streamlines the editing process remarkably.

It also works as a text-based editor, again allowing for incredibly efficient video editing.

Screenshot of the Gling AI video editing interface, showing it cut and remove silences an bad takes, as well as the text editor.

Video Editing Before Gling.AI

Video editing has been the biggest road-block in my workflow from the moment I began to take YouTube more seriously.

It’s incredibly labour-intensive and time-consuming, and because YouTube isn’t my main source of income, it doesn’t make sense for me to spend the majority of my time on it–or to pay someone to do it for me.

So when my husband began working for me–I actually began outsourcing the ‘rough edits’ to him–that first edit where I remove all the awkward pauses and bad takes in order to get then skeleton of the video together.

He’s not a video-editor (by trade or passion), so it was definitely still a very time-consuming job for him. But it made more sense for him to spend his time on the rough edit than it did for me.

Video Editing After Gling.AI

Then came Gling.Ai.

I discovered it through another creator’s YouTube video, and immediately downloaded it and gave it a try.

I uploaded a video, waited for it to make the edits, and I was blown away.

What had taken hours was done in seconds.

After the initial slice and dice of the app, it did take me a bit of time to go through the draft it’s given and tweak it even further. But still I find I’m now spending only 5-15 minutes on the first pass (however long my video is).

Word to the wise: Because the software is still relatively new (heck, AI tools in general are still pretty new), there are still some glitches here and there so have patience.

Cost of the Video Editing Software

The cost and payment model has changed slightly since I first made my YouTube video.

There are currently three levels (below taken from their website):

Free Trial:

  • Each new user in Gling is entitled to upload and export one video for free.

Paid Plan:

  • For users who require more extensive usage, we offer a subscription-based plan priced at $15 per month, or $10 per month for annual subscription ($100 payed annually).
  • The subscription allows you to process up to 10 hours of footage per month at no additional charge.
  • In the event that you exceed the 10-hour limit in a given month, you can still continue using Gling.
  • However, for every minute of video processed beyond the 10-hour limit, an additional charge of $0.04 per minute will be incurred, equivalent to $2 per hour. (applicable only for monthly subscription)

Creator Program:

You qualify if you have an active YouTube channel with minimum 1000 Subscribers.

  • Free Video Credit: For each YouTube video where you include the phrase “Edited with Gling: https:/” in a pinned comment, you will receive a free video credit in Gling.
  • Credit Limit: The free video credit is capped at 2 hours per video.
  • The free video is limited to a maximum length of 1 hour for the raw video.

Final Thoughts

Gling.AI has truly been a game-changer for me, and I can’t recommend it enough.

It has not only optimized my editing workflow, but has also really inspired me to explore AI tools more to figure out how I can continue to enhance my workflow.

If you have any you know of, or would like me to check out and review, let me know in the comments!

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